Eaton, under the Powerware brand, the number one UPS manufacturer in the world in the above-5-kVA category, introduces a new high-end product. The new Powerware 9155 and 9355 combine good looks with uncompromised efficiency and reliability. It provides an affordable solution for 24/7 power protection across a wide range of critical IT and electrical engineering applications. The 9155 and 9355 cover the power range 8–40 kVA and can be paralleled for redundancy and capacity using Eaton’s patented Hot Sync® technology.

Never before has a UPS been so powerful, yet so slim, And never before has a UPS had such a combination of features and benefits, Powerware 9155 and 9355 combine style and small footprint with high performance. With its elegant black casing and its fully graphic, blue backlit LCD display, its strikingly modern appearance sets it clearly apart from the computer-grey masses of older equipment usually found in offices and server rooms,
Reliable But good looks are just the surface. The 9155 and 9355 are a Series 9 UPSs, meaning that they protect from all of the nine types of most common power disturbances.

Thanks to Eaton’s patented Hot Sync technology, two or more UPS units can be paralleled to provide nocompromise protection of the load even if one of the units is out of commission for service. More than that, the 9155 and 9355’s design incorporate well thoughtthrough solutions geared to keep their total life-cycle cost at the lowest possible level. For example, they have up to 93% efficiency, provide 0.99 input power factor and are rated for 0.9 output power factor loads.
Easy to use Floor space is expensive. That is why the 9155 and 9355 were designed in a slim, compact tower to provide maximum power per square metre. Their small footprint also means that you will be able to increase your UPS capacity considerably without expanding your present server room. Not to mention easier transport and installation.

Even the standard battery configuration provides integral 31 minutes of backup time (at 20 kVA computer load), and you can extend it to several hours by adding extra battery packs. The fully graphic LCD display with blue backlight makes the 9155 and 9355 easy to control and monitor. For example, the inputs and outputs are configurable, enabling UPS customisation for the critical application. With a bundled software suite and a wide range of communication options, the 9155 and 9355 are easy to run remotely using a variety of protocols. The 9155 and 9355 offer you confidence that lets you stop worrying about power. Powerware 9155 and 9355 feature inherent reliability. Only the most reliable hardware and technologies are used in their manufacture.

• Data networks, particularly in areas with frequent mains disturbances
• Web server hotels
• Telecom applications
• Financial institutions

• Office buildings
• Manufacturing machinery
• Process control
Reliable Hardware, Software and World-Class Service

If your business or application depends on a continuous power supply, look at the Powerware 9155 and Powerware 9355. They will provide you with the most reliable and affordable power protection today, packed in an elegant casing.

Thanks to its new advanced rectifier technology, the 9155 and 9355 give you the best in input power factor control (0.99 PF). Through their low harmonics content (2-5% THDi), the 9155 and 9355 are extremely mainsfriendly. Reliability is increased by advanced battery management functions such as ABMTM (Advanced Battery Management), automatic discharge testing and temperature

compensated charging voltage. Together, they can increase your battery lifetime considerably and will make sure your batteries – the most important component of the UPS —always remain in top condition! Because the 9155 and 9355 come bundled with a software suite, you have total control over the system. The software package includes hutdown software, basic-level monitoring and integrates your UPS to your data network.

No mechanical device will run forever without servicing. That is why Eaton offers you additional peace of mind through a range of service agreement options that can easily be ustomised to your needs and budget. Your Eaton representative will be happy to tell you more.

Active power factor control for less disturbances in low-voltage networks Thanks to their cuttingedge active-front rectifier, the 9155 and 9355 provide a perfect sine-wave input and 0.99 input power factor. This means that they avoid disturbances in the feeding mains network that energy converters tend to cause. With minimal current distortion (2-5% THDi) the 9155 and 9355 are extremely “mains-friendly” and do not require special harmonics filtering.

Hot Sync—unbreakable security Hot Sync parallels two or more UPS units. Units are capable of load sharing without the need for communications wiring, hitherto the most vulnerable point of failure in all UPS systems. Each Powerware module has the ability to synchronise and support the critical load independently of the other modules. Thus all critical loads are supported by UPS-grade power, whatever maintenance needs—scheduled or unscheduled—should arise. Hot Sync—redundant is an N+1 module system allowing full maintenance to be performed on all modules and the parallel cabinet without the need for an external maintenance bypass and without having to remove the critical load from conditioned power.

ABM—significantly more battery life ABM constantly monitors battery charge status and only recharges when necessary. Compared with the traditional tricklecharging method, this reduces battery corrosion enough to provide significantly longer battery lifetimes! ABM compensates for changes in ambient temperature for proper charging. Battery monitoring provides real-time information on battery string health and remaining runtime. This allows you to proactively plan maintenance operations instead of reacting to emerging problems. UPS tests the batteries regularly with the rectifier connected, thus providing consistent test results regardless of inverter load at testing time. Moreover, as the load is never supported by the battery alone, the UPS will keep your critical load adequately protected at all times.

Communication Options – Connect Anywhere

ConnectUPS Web/SNMP card is a complete UPS monitoring, control and shutdown solution in a networked IT environment. In case of alert the Web/ SNMP card can notify users and administrators through email and SNMP traps. In case of a prolonged power failure the protected computer systems can be shut down in a graceful manner with NetWatch and LanSafe software. HTTP, SNMP, e-mail, WAP and Telnet compatibility enable dynamic and versatile support for a large variety of system configurations. The XSlotTM card for the 9155 and 9355 also integrates a 3-port switching hub to support multiple PCs or networking equipment.

Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) enables you to remotely monitor environmental conditions as easily as you monitor power conditions. It adds temperature, humidity and two contact closure monitoring capabilities to ConnectUPS Web/ SNMP card. It can trigger operating system shutdown if user-defined thresholds are exceeded or contact closure status changes.

Relay/AS400 card provides an easy connection to IBM AS/400 series computers as well as industrial and building management systems. You can also build a solution for a remote ON/ OFF function with the relay card.

Powerware Modbus Card is an XSlot UPS connectivity device that provides continuous, reliable and accurate remote monitoring of your UPS system through a Building Management System (BMS) or Industrial Automation System (IAS). The card integrates data from the UPS into the user’s management system using Modicon®‚ Modbus RTU Protocol. Key power quality and UPS status information may be monitored in real time to aid in the management of the UPS and notification of potential power problems.

Multi-Server card is a power quality connectivity product designed to enable multiple devices connected to a single UPS system to be managed and controlled independently. The Multi- Server Card allows separate communication with up to six connected servers with mixed operating systems.

PowerVision software monitors one or multiple UPSs, power distribution and environmental sensors across the enterprise and alarms the administrator in case of events. Its data analysis tools and graphical views help prevent problems before they occur.

Powerware Software Suite CD-ROM is bundled with every UPS. It contains LanSafe and NetWatch shutdown solutions as well as a 30 day trial of PowerVision monitoring software. Please check www. Products.asp for latest information.

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