Power Solutions are needed where electricity is important and must be supported with no failure. The Standby Power Solution that runs along with the UPS Power Solution will make sure that a supply is constantly and seamlessly accessible irrespective of the utility mains supply. The UPS electricity Option is needed to offer an uninterrupted supply for a limited time.

Standby Power Solutions in their essential form will contain a manual changeover switch and typically a diesel generator. In case of a utility mains failure the generator could be started by isolating any feedback from the utility mains supply connection. By the actions of the changeover switch its output signal may be applied to the power supply.

More sophisticated types of Standby Power Solutions will have a generator setup that’s controlled by a fully automatic mains failure panel of the UPS Power Solution. The automatic mains failure panel links the output of the generator to the load and mechanically starts the generator. It will fill the loss of the utility mains supply. Usually as a standalone system the generator is effective at supplying the load for 8 – 10 hours. Transport pumping systems provide for longer periods of support when added fuel storage is needed.

Power Solutions will only support the entire infrastructure to make sure the smooth functioning of the machine. Usually the servers and related networks also need the vital power. This bigger load will usually include light and air conditioning modules. The server room will rapidly fail due to overheating without the air conditioning. Overheating of the server room is a common cause of breakdown.

Standby Power Solutions that are more complex may also include a mobile suite of gear including Generators, N 1, N 1 and UPS Power Solutions.

Power Solutions may also be as straightforward as a standalone generator. It will work very well where continuous access to electricity is crucial and the building is in an isolated place. Uninterruptible power isn’t needed but a standby source of electricity is critical to provide light and heat for the entire outage. By virtue of a rural setting these places can frequently experience prolonged power reductions that can be covered by diesel generators.

In conclusion, Standby Power Solutions are needed where there’s a requirement to support a load for a lengthy power failure. In the event of thunderstorm damage where it can take several days to re-establish the utility mains supply it is completely unacceptable to put the operating condition of the company in danger.

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