Giving You The Basics Of All Things UPS

UPS Pune is the place to be to know all about Uninterruptible Power Supply. The instrument that was created to solve power outages in 1960 is the sole connection between the consumer and the electric grid. The consumer, in this case, is a computer while the electric grid is ESCOM. A UPS is made of four components – Rechargeable batteries, inverter, charger and a transfer switch.

These building blocks of a UPS have remained constant since the day it was invented. The primary benefit of this useful electrical gadget is to supply continuous power in a conditioned environment to the load.

Comprehending The Very Necessity Of A UPS

  • A device that does not have a steady electrical current at all times is always in danger.
  • From a personal computer to a home entertainment system, every gadget should have access to stable current.
  • When there is none, issues like spikes, blackouts, voltage surge, brownouts, and noise can happen.
  • The sole method of protecting your computer when such incidences occur is through a UPS.
  • This is why a UPS is necessary for every home and office.
  • It secures your hardware like the motherboard and RAM.
  • Therefore, it prevents any loss of data and in turn betters the productivity of the user.


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Types of UPS

By now you know a UPS is a gadget that protects electronic devices from fluctuations in power. It is basically an interface between the electric network provided by the country and the equipment. There are mainly three types of UPS with some variation in each.

Standby UPS

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The simplest and most common UPS is the one that is used by computers at home and in offices. It is called a Standby UPS. It is a small unit that provides enough power to shut down a PC or put it in hibernation mode when a power outage occurs. It also allows powering back the PC when the incident is solved.

Line Interactive

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The second type of UPS is called Line Interactive. These are very similar to the first ones with a single addition. They have a multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer. They are capable of either decreasing or increasing the output voltage by changing the magnetic field of the transformer.

Double Conversion

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The last kind of UPS is called the Double Conversion On-Line. These are generally found when the kVA needed is more than ten. These are also similar to a Standby UPS with one variation. The main path to the power is not AC main but rather inverted.

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