Three Phase UPS for Servers and Industrial Applications

Eaton 9355

Technology: Series 9 (double conversion on-line)
Rating: 8-40 kVA
Voltage: 380-415 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Backup time: Typical 5-33 min internal (extendable up to several hours)
Configuration: Cabinet
Eaton 9355 are Series 9 UPS designed to protect high 0.9 p.f. rated, critical computers and servers. The centralised UPS protection is an essential part of IT infrastructure in today’s IT, telecom, healthcare, banking and industrial automation applications. The 9355 feature active input power factor control (PFC) and low 2-5% Total Harmonic Distortion (current) with IGBT rectifier technology.

The 9355 operate using the unique ABM function. While traditional UPS charges batteries continuously, ABM charges batteries only when necessary, thus preventing battery corrosion. The exceptional ABM function prolongs the service life of batteries by up to 50%.

Typical applications:
High-capacity computers
Server rooms
Process automation, control equipment
Telecommunication applications
Offshore, military and special projects

Product highlights:
Hot Sync redundancy
ABM providing up to 50% longer battery life time
Active input power factor correction (PFC) providing 2-5% THD(i) harmonics
High 0.9 p.f. output rating for server and high computer loads
Market leading internal battery runtime
User friendly graphical LCD display with light blue back light
Web/SNMP and ModBus monitoring capability
Software Suite bundled
In-built Maintenance Bypass Switch on 20-40kVA models

System Parallel Cabinets for Hot Sync Capacity / Redundancy Solutions
“UPS Centre” distribution cabinets for small computer room applications
External Maintenance Bypass Switches
Extended Battery Cabinets
X Slot connectivity options

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