E Series DX 3 Phase Uninterruptible Power System
Advanced Power Protection for Today’s Computing Environments

Product Snapshot
Power Rating : 20/30/40/60/80kVA
Configuration : Tower
Voltage : 400/230V
Frequency : 50/60 Hz (auto-sensing)
Technology : High-frequency double conversion online
The Eaton E Series DX is a three-phase, double conversion uninterruptible power supply (UPS) available in 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80kVA output power ratings. Its design fits perfectly to IT environment where uninterrupted power is required to secure IT equipment’s ontinuous operation. The E Series DX UPS provides a perfect solution for power protection, and solves power quality problems such as surges, spikes, voltage fluctuations, harmonic distortion and frequency fluctuations.

With DX, each phase is independently double converted and regulated. In addition a PFC (Power Factor Corrected) controller is used for real time control and data processing, ensuring high availability at all times. Further reliability is accomplished by introducing an intelligent charge mode which significantly prolongs service life of batteries.
On-line double-conversion topology
This topology guarantees a consistently high level of power quality. Whatever the supply disturbances, the output waveform is regenerated via the AC to DC, then DC to AC conversion process. The battery is used only as a backup source.

Output overload performance
Providing further peace of mind in IT environments, the E Series DX provides enhanced overload protection. In fact, the E Series DX can operate for ten minutes at a 110 to 125% overload and one minute at a 150% overload with short circuit protection.

Excellent Input Performance
With a wide input voltage range the E Series DX is able to operate in IT environments, providing enhanced availability by utilising intelligent IGBT-based high-frequency technology to achieve greater than a 0.99 input power factor. Harmonic current distortion is less than 5%.

Automatic bypass
In case of an overload or UPS fault, the DX UPS automatically transfers the load to utility AC power.

Integral Maintenance Bypass
An in-built maintenance bypass switch enables maintenance while load is powered.

High Efficiency
The E Series DX can achieve up to 98% efficiency in high efficiency mode, reducing electrical costs and total cost of ownership.

N+X redundancy
More capacity and availability can be achieved by parallel connection of UPS modules for N+1 redundancy or capacity.


On-line double conversion topology assures maximum reliability
High Frequency technology allows a compact design that delivers perfect sine wave output.
Intuitive front-panel LCD user interface for consistent status indication
0.8 Power Factor output
Internal battery option for short run times on 20-40kVA models
Tested for generator compatibility
Automatic bypass for fault-tolerance
Optional SNMP communications
WINPOWER software monitors power conditions

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