We are a committed team engaged in the manufacturing and trading of diesel generators, control panels, Acoustic enclosures, DG sets and UPS. We have a wide distribution network, delivering our products to clients in different locations all over India. Our main clients are event management companies, especially wedding planners like www.mayalok.com because a wedding is a place where an uninterrupted power supply is a must. Our other clients include Big Bazaar, State Bank of India, Reliance, Axis Bank, etc.

According to www.business-standard.com, the power supply industry is a highly competitive field with new firms entering into this business day by day. We have been able to withstand the fierce competition due to nothing, but hard work and dedication. We had times when business was dull, and we faced huge losses. But the wholehearted support from our regular clients helped us to manage the difficult business situations.

This is what sets us apart!

Currently, we have sound financial status and TQM compared to our competitors. The large production capacity is an added benefit which most of the others in the industry do not have. There is an experienced Research and Development department to ensure that excellent products are manufactured to meet the present day as well as future requirements.

We also provide customised solutions which make us the favourite destination for customers having their particular ideas and demands. Timely delivery of assignments is another feature which is appreciated by all of our clients. We are alright with any mode of payment such cash, online or credit card.

We owe our success to customers!

Customers who had once used our products always came back for similar needs. Their positive reviews were what helped us to attract more clients and eventually to gain a respectable position in this industry. We give back the trust you put in us through our quality products. Our goodwill depends entirely on your satisfaction and hence we owe a lot to you.

Our present services

We started off as a very small unit with just a few employees. Now we have grown into a big team of talented professionals offering a wide range of services. Given below is the list of services we offer

  • DG sets from 5KVA to 500KVA (Manufactured by Mahindra)
    •  Line interactive UPS/Online UPS from 1KVA to 1100KVA( Manufactured by Eaton)
    •  DC power Supply(Manufactured by Eaton)
    •  Power and Distribution, AMF, Synchronizing, Control Panels with Auto Change Over feature
    •  SMF, Thick Plate, Tubular Batteries for inverters and UPS applications
    •  Turnkey installation and Complete Service Solutions for DG sets
    •  Turnkey installation and Complete Service Solutions for UPS

We are continuously growing!

Our research team is always working hard to come up with solutions related to every problem that falls within this industry. Our product line, team strength, etc. is increasing steadily giving us a sense of satisfaction. We look forward to coming up with more innovative ideas in future. Making your life comfortable with totally uninterrupted power services at affordable rates is our dream, and that is what we are working for. We look forward to your constant support throughout our journey.

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