Why Is Power Backup Important At Hospitals?

Imagine a scenario where you are in a hospital bed and hooked up to many machines that are helping you to stay alive and comfortable. One minute you are fine and the next minute you are under duress because the sudden power outage has caused your machines to shut down, thereby affecting your very survival. This single scenario is enough to understand why it is absolutely critical to have power backup solutions set up in every hospital. While other industries can also gain from having an emergency power backup solution, the healthcare industry cannot risk lagging behind since it is dealing with human lives every single day.

Group of medical professionals transporting a patient in a hospital powered with inverter for continous power supplyOther than risking the patient’s comfort during a power outage, it also cuts access to medical reports, patient history information and even access to drugs and medical supplies causing critical patients to get worse. With the advances in technology, the healthcare system has started utilizing several high technology measures to make the daily hospital operations to run smoothly as well as ease the patient’s stay at the hospital. However, this involves the hospital to be heavily dependent on electricity for everything to run smoothly. This is why an emergency power backup solution is absolutely necessary for the healthcare industry.

Power Supply is the Lifeline for managing day to day activities

A citywide power crisis can occur at any time due to extreme weather conditions or power grid malfunctioning. In such cases, many people find refuge in their nearby hospitals. A hospital needs to have emergency power backup to make sure that he elevators, sliding doors remain functioning in the case of such city wide blackouts. The 2003 New York City blackout is an excellent example of how the entire city was taken by surprise by the blackout and had to face difficult situations as a result. It is necessary to learn form these examples and make sure that the right decisions are taken to prevent hospitals from becoming victims to a power failure in the future.

Opt for reliable, energy efficient power backup solutions from Inverter Dealers

According to recent reports, there are several factors that result in extended power outages in most hospitals. Let’sPower Supply equipments fitted inverter batteries supplying uninterrupted power to hospitals take a look at some of them:

  • Most generators in use are over 50 years old. This results in lower capacity and not able to handle the demand of the current machines used in hospitals.
  • Generators and power backup systems are often housed in the basements of the hospital, making them vulnerable to natural calamities like flooding, rendering them useless.
  • The inexistence of a national standard for installing backup generators at healthcare facilities has made it open to having no power during power outages.

Many hospitals do not have enough funds to over their existing backup power supply solution to safer locations, and the government is not offering any help either. According to the experts at http://www.agcs.allianz.com/insights/expert-risk-articles/energy-risks/, you can find plenty of Online UPS dealers to offer top quality power backup systems for healthcare facilities. However, frequent testing needs to be carried to ensure that the equipment is working order in case of any unforeseen power outage. Many backup power solution providers offer a maintenance check every few months at an extra change to make sure that the equipment is free of any issues or problems.

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