Essential of Backup Power Supply System

Importance of Backup Power Sources

An emergency situation can pop up any time without warning. It is up to every commercial establishment to be ready for inevitable. This includes having sufficient power back up in case of any large-scale power failure. After all, you cannot risk stopping operations for too much time. The power failure in the year 2003 when New York City was plunged into darkness is a good example as any as to why commercial establishments and businesses need to be equipped with power backup systems at all times.

According to recent studies, even though many commercial facilities have invested in emergency or power backup systems, it is not sufficient to handle any prolonged power loss. This is why it is absolutely critical to invest in an emergency power backup system that can provide sufficient power in case of a massive black out.

Causes for Power Outages and Power Failures

Battery Backup for Uninterrupted Power SupplyPower outages have become a common feature due to weather related reasons like storms, hurricanes, cold and ice and so on. This is why it necessary for commercial facilities to remain prepared for all kinds of scenarios. Severe weather conditions also have the capability to take down entire sections of the system causing massive power outage across large areas of the country. Although the government is doing their best to stay ahead of these problems, it is not always possible. Small outages are also becoming frequent with reasons like a tree falling down, cables or transformer malfunctioning and so on.

Choose Right Power Backup System with the help of Structural Design Consultants

Regardless of what kind of commercial facility you are running, you need to have the right power backup system in place. According to the experts at,it is a good idea to consult structural design companies to make sure that you pick out the right power backup system that meets all your requirements. Here are a few of the key factors that you need to remember while picking out an emergency power solution for your establishment:

The backup power generator should have at least enough capacity to power your basic machinery. A commercial electrician can help determine how much power you will be requiring and you can pick out a system using thisATS For Generated Power Supply information. Most basic backup power generators run on fuel like diesel or natural gas.

Backup Power Options for your Electrical Systems

An ATS or and Automatic Transfer Switch can come in handy as it will help you to monitor your power usage till the power comes back up. Once the power is back up, the ATS switches back to the utility supply and shuts down the backup power system.

A UPS is a great option to have your computers and servers running for smaller power outages. This ensures that business operations are not affected quickly by frequent power outages throughout the day.

Even power backup systems need to have regular maintenance done to ensure that they are in working condition when there is a power failure. Most back up power system suppliers offer annual or bi-annual maintenance check-ups to their customers for an extra charge. It is also crucial to run the generator at least once every two weeks to keep it in good condition.

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