BladeUPS – Scaleability

Meet current and changing requirements with modular architecture

The building block of the Eaton BladeUPS system is a 6U rackmount module that provides 12 kW of backup power protection. The system expands easily to provide maximum results. As your data centre grows, the system’s modularity plays a key role in optimising your capital planning and deployment. Using the patented and field-proven Hot Sync paralleling technology, up to six BladeUPS modules can be paralleled for extra capacity or redundancy, providing 60 kW of redundant backup power protection in one 19 inch rack.

Patented load-sharing control intelligently distributes the workload among modules without requiring direct synchronisation links among them. Any module can provide backup support for any other, with no interruption or downtime. For instance, in a redundant system you could perform full maintenance on any module without any interruption of conditioned power to the protected IT equipment.

Expedite deployment with flexible installation options
The BladeUPS can be deployed in a variety of system architectures to support the specific requirements of your computer room or data centre, and to support the desired level of redundancy (Tier I through Tier IV, as defined by the Uptime Institute).
Centralised power protection for small computer rooms
Start with one 12 kW module and expand to 60 kW with N+1 redundancy in single 19” rack enclosure.
Zone power protection for mid-sized Computer Rooms
Deploy 60 kW (N+1) in a 19” rack to protect a row of IT equipment racks.
Distributed Power Protection
Distribute 12 kW modules to protect one to three racks – thereby achieving zero footprint power protection. Hybrid power protection. Stronger redundancy of power protection for equipment racks containing critical IT equipment.
For dual-corded loads with one source on a central UPS and the other on utility power, you can back up selected loads with a local BladeUPS, deployed in a distributed or zone fashion.
For dual- or single-corded loads on a central UPS, you can back up selected loads with a local BladeUPS (distributed or zone) in series with the central UPS. This configuration provides maximum reliability close to critical loads, with minimal heat dissipation and maximum efficiency. With the flexibility to deploy and re-deploy a BladeUPS either in single or parallel systems – data centre managers can tailor power protection to adapt to changing needs, often without the need for an electrician or service technician.
Eaton also offers an assortment of plug-and-play power distribution accessories with various input and output connections to distribute power from the BladeUPS to rack power strips or directly to high-power servers.

BladeUPS Features :
12 kW modules occupy 6U of standard rack space, including the batteries
Designed and optimised for high-powered blade servers and high density computing environments
Scalable – easily deploy and expand
Combine modules to deliver 60 kW of redundant backup power in one rack enclosure
Highly flexible, providing numerous configurations and adaptable deployment
The solution can grow with expanding IT needs
Fully redundant architecture
Efficient – Reduce cooling and energy costs
Industry-leading 97% efficiency
Air conditioning requirements can reduce by more than onethird
BladeUPS can be located close to equipment racks without creating hot spots
Hot Sync paralleling technology
Hot-swappable batteries and electronic modules
ABM technology
Eaton Enclosures
Eaton’s Enclosure solutions address the first critical step in planning an ideal data centre and encompass a wide range of cabinets and racks for network, telecom and server applications.
Eaton’s Enclosure solutions address the first critical step in planning an ideal data centre and encompass a wide range of cabinets and racks for network, telecom and server applications.
Features and Benefits
Highly functional and stylish, value packed and competitively priced
Perforated doors exceed server airflow requirements
Split rear doors minimized floor space requirements and provide ease of installation and maintenance
Floating 19” rails provide more room for zero U cable management and PDU installations
Z-server rails offer additional mounting locations for Enclosure Power Distribution Units (ePDUs™) and cable management
Internal, welded frame with repetitive hold pattern delivers high load bearing capacity and additional mounting locations
Internal door hinges offer a high level of cabinet security
Door stiffeners offer mounting locations for fan trays
Tool-free accessories facilitate installation and reduce installation time and costs

Cutting-edge Rack Based Power Solutions
Eaton ePDUs

Eaton ePDUs feature the broadest portfolio in the industry across all power densities and technologies to satisfy the needs of every data centre. From single to dual chassis, five technology options, the broadest power range and the ability to manufacture ePDUs with custom arrangement of outlets (number and type) for every region, ePDUs are distinguished for their quality, dependability and versatility. All products are designed for the specific application with an emphasis on safety and reliability. The ePDU range includes an extensive range of vertical zero U products that do not occupy server space in racks as well as 1U and 2U formats. Environmental Monitoring options are also available.

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