An uninterrupted power supply system is an electrical device that provides power at times of emergency when the electricity from the primary source fails. UPS dealers supply UPSs to different shops all over. UPS manufacturers, on the other hand, with the manufacture of best quality UPS is serving the entire nation. The UPS is used to protect hardware systems such as telecommunication devices or computers. A UPS is used for those electrical types of equipment where there is a chance of an interruption in the main power supply that can harm the hardware or can result in the loss of data.

Main components of the UPS system
The heart of the UPS system is the battery. If there is a failure in the primary source of current supply, your equipment can entirely depend on the array of cells of the UPS to maintain the load. At least one string of battery is required in the UPS system, but this can vary depending on the voltage of direct current in the system. The cells attached to every string are connected to each other in a series and thus when one battery fails, then the entire chain of batteries fail.

A static switch is a circuit internally inserted in a UPS system that defends the failure of the UPS system. In a situation when your system fails to avoid interruption, then the static switch shuts the circuit automatically and then helps in successfully diverting the power around the batteries and the rectifier. The inverted then utilises the power and delivers it to the load. Although the power is unconditioned, this allows the UPS system to function correctly even when there is an internal component failure.

Another component of the uninterrupted power supply system is the rectifier. The rectifier usually performs two primary functions. The first job of the rectifier is that it keeps the batteries in the gadget charged so that a sufficient amount of voltage is available to the batteries. This part of the system also coverts the incoming current from alternating current to direct current. Hence it is beneficial in exchanging the alternating current devices into direct current devices.

The last and the essential part of the UPS system is the inverter. The inverter accepts direct current from its primary source which is delivered by the battery and the rectifier. If there is a power shortage, the rectifier stops supplying current to the direct current source. In that situation, the inverter is the only medium through which the direct source receives current until the batteries get exhausted and are unable to sustain the load anymore.

Application of a UPS system
You never know when there will be a power cut as it is likely to say that problems related to power supply occur almost every day. Lighting effects the power lines and the sudden interruption in the power supply can create substantial harm to your hardware systems. Thus having a UPS connected to your computer can save it from such damages. UPS can support load very well. The device can control about 60% of the output load and thus is very reliable.

The benefits of a UPS system
A UPS provides benefits to both offices for homes and business purposes. The most critical role of a UPS is that maintains the supply of power in the situation when there is a load shedding or power blackout. It continues to operate throughout the case by supplying the current on its batteries under normal circumstances. But as soon as the device recognises that there is an interruption in the power supply from the external source it automatically switches from the wall power to the alternating current which is offered by its batteries.

Demerits of a UPS system
The installation cost of the UPS system is very high. Even if you want to purchase a UPS for your home, it can cost you hundreds of dollars and if for office use you will have spent at least thousands of dollars. It is true that if you want to install a UPS at your home, you will not need many setups but a large corporate sector will need to have many additional units. On the other hand, the batteries in the UPS are not durable. It depends on their quality that how long will they work.

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