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About Us

UPS Pune is the authorized GOEM’s for M/s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd for diesel generating sets. It is also the authorized channel partner for Eaton Power Quality for online UPS and DC power supply. UPS Pune has been dealing with UPS supplies and diesel generator sets for over two decades. It started off as a small firm with just two employees. Over time UPS Pune has expanded to have several branches all over the country.

A UPS is an electrical device that offers emergency power to a load in cases of failure of the input power source. In layman’s terms, it means that it is an alternative source of power when your main powers source fails.  An offline UPS is powered by the main input power source and is invoked when the utility power source is interrupted. However, an online UPS accept AC input, converts it to DC and passes through a rechargeable battery and then converts it back to AC to power up the protected equipment.

UPS Pune is the leading power electronics products and solutions provider firm with a track record of two decades. We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing and supplying back up products and power quality products like industrial UPS Enterprise UPS, Commercial UPS and so on.  We have a long list of customers from different fields like major financial institutions, commercial and residential buildings, factories , industries, etc. UPS Pune offers the following services and more to its customers:

  •        Completely optimized design and configuration
  •        High AC-AC efficiency
  •        Lesser iTHD
  •        Easy To Install
  •        Easy To Maintain
  •        Long life guaranteed
  •        Expansion can be easily done without any additional hardware.

The staff at UPS Pune is well trained and is completely knowledgeable in the areas of specifications, service histories as well as capabilities of the different UPS products and services. Our R&D department is working full time to come up with more efficient products to help bring down your utility bills own without compromising on quality.  With our experience, we can help you decide which UPS will meet your set of requirements. We also have capable technicians on our team, who will install the UPS f you and take you through its working. Our 24/7 customer call center is ready to accept your call at any time of the day. We also have on call technicians who can help clear any issues in case of emergency power failures.

UPS Pune has a wide range of power supply devices ranging from small to big to extremely large depending on your requirements. If you are on a small budget, we can help you out with one of our package deals as well. UPS Pune prides itself on being gone of the pioneers in the field of UPS suppliers who started customizing UPS products for their customers. This has helped UPS Pune build a huge client base who are loyal till date.

The staff at UPS Pune carries out various tests on the new equipment before delivering it to your doorstep.  This helps ensure that all the components are in working order and will meet all our expectations without any issues.  So if you are looking for reliable UPS suppliers, your best bet is giving us a call. We will take you through the different options available and help you pick a product that suits your requirements in the best possible way.