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Providing Critical Power if You Want It

In today’s world, business systems involved in critical missions must be available all the time. Power downtime cannot be endured, and that is where a UPS system can help. We are committed to delivering efficient power protection solutions to ensure that your power supplies are never off.

A UPS is an electrical gadget designed to provide emergency power even when other sources of input power fail. UPS makes use of energy stored in batteries and provides instantaneous power backup in case of power failures. We have a wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, thereby offering a competitive edge to businesses which are in need of first-class power solutions. Our uninterrupted power supply units include excellent options trusted by leading organisations across a wide cluster of industries.

Less advanced devices consume too much power and hence causes significant money wastage. UPS Pune stays ahead in terms of energy and money savings. The development of a business should never be at stake due to avoidable technical limitations; this is what we try to achieve by assisting companies with uninterrupted power solutions.

Standby Generators & UPS Systems

Have you been prepared for once the lights venture out?

About UPS Pune & Our Services

We are a leading group with unmatchable credibility in the uninterrupted power supply industry. We have an extensive list of customers from various fields including domestic and household users, financial institutions like banks, medical centres, etc. Our UPS services come with all the following features.

  • Excellent AC-AC Efficiency
  • Fully optimised design and configuration.
  • Large input and output power factors
  • Lesser iTHD
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • No additional hardware required for expansion.
  • Long life

Owing to the superior quality we provide, our services are the most sought for in the industry.

What Happens When You Work With Us?



We have a thorough knowledge of the specifications, capabilities, and service histories of a wide range of UPS products and systems. Our experience helps our designs. We’ll analyse your requirements, expectations, and budget considerations. Then, we will design a UPS system that meets your unique requirements accurately and cost effectively.



We have a large team of skilled technicians and electrical contractors who can do the installation of the UPS systems. We also do the testing of all of your new equipment to make sure that all components are optimised in order to meet or sometimes exceed all your project expectations.



We offer many different programs to make sure that your emergency power supply system functions well, without any hiccups. We are much aware of the potential problems that may lead to unexpected downtime or emergency repair. Most of the root causes are familiar to us so that we can resolve the issues fast.

Some Design Inspiration

Power Protection UPS & Its Source Transfer System